Link to Pattern Making PDF ending soon

Bill Welch

I wanted to alert folks that I will be removing the "Resin Kit Pattern Making" presentation sometime after December 8th to make room in my Dropbox in case you missed the initial message or have forgotten about it. This was presented recently at the Lisle RPM and last January at Prototype Rails in Cocoa Beach, FL last January. Here is the link:

Also I added three more photos to the "Virginian BX10 Folder" over on the "Resin Freight Car Builders" Yahoo Group. These show the last small details to go on this side pattern including the door and its associated hardware. This project is intended to replace the sides in the Funaro & Camerlengo kit. There is also a message there where I describe what I did. I hope the above presentation and the photos showing how I built the Virginian car's Single Sheathed side will encourage others to begin to find something they are interested in and pursue it. Remember the several purveyors of resin kits often need our help.

I will add that I do not have any special training or knowledge. I do think that experience building resin freight cars is important, 25-30 at least I would say. I think what is required is a critical eye, patience, a willingness to start over, and steady hands plus a very good inventory of dimensional and sheet Evergreen Styrene and tools that fit the way you work. Once you get started and bump up against a problem, feel free to contact me and I will try to help you.

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