Is that an SAL ventilated box (UNCLASSIFIED)

Gatwood, Elden J SAD

Douglas Harding

The Pittsburg area had a number of glass manufactures. My wife collects Depression Glass and several of the patterns she likes came from glass companies in the Pittsburg area. It could be the car is loaded with product from one of those factories, ie large bowls, urns, pots, vases, etc. The placard or sign is probably a caution against humping or hard switching.


Doug Harding



Considering the location, it could be a car load of glass vase for Maystern's.  The Maystern warehouse was at this location with the B&O dock on the ground floor and the PRR access being internal on the third floor. Maystern was a local low- to mid- end furniture and household retail chain.

Rich Orr