Is White, White, White; was Decals, decals, decals

Charles Hostetler

Good Afternoon All,

I found the real issue facing the modeler who wants to produce decals is simply the ability to print white, not whether the artwork is printed on decal paper or dry transfer paper or whatever. Clear decal paper of high quality is readily available and reasonably inexpensive; and printing non-white decals using a laser printer is readily achievable. The problem for me was finding a way to print white on that paper using a technology I felt was precise, controllable, and accessible. Those interested can find some background material on these posts:

This also happens to be the topic of my presentation at Cocoa Beach where I'll be elaborating on my results and passing around some samples.

I'm not a commercial concern, but I am interested in collaborative projects to help learn about the process and refine my skills. I'd be glad to hear from anyone interested in a project using the white laser printing process but please contact me off list.


Charles Hostetler
Goshen, Ind.