J.W. Ellsworth Coal GL design cars

Tony Thompson

Al Westerfield wrote:

As described in my clinic Billboard Reefers and Other Disasters: How Government Regulations Affected Car Building, ICC regulations forced private coal companies to divest themselves of their cars, not once, but twice.  Only Berwind was strong enough to maintain their fleet.  They did it better than Pennsy which is why those GLA’s, when sold to Pennsy, were the last on the roster.  As far as I am able to determine, the cars owned by car mine companies were identical to GL’s and except for Berwind were probably maintained by the railroad.  I’m not sure but I think the clinic was reprinted in book form.  Tony Thompson was responsible; maybe he remembers.  The history sheets for GL and GLC/GLCA kits enumerate all the cars I could account for. – Al Westerfield    

       Yes, that clinic was indeed printed in one of the NMRA History Symposium books. In the 1990s, I organized a series, called Symposium on Railroad History, at each NMRA National Convention, starting at Pittsburgh in 1990, and each symposium had the talks published in 5 x 9-inch paperback books by the NMRA Library. (At most conventions after Pittsburgh, I encountered convention committees which ranged from totally uninterested to overtly hostile to such an intrusion into THEIR clinic program, and I eventually gave up on the series.) Al's paper was in the Fifth Symposium at Atlanta in 1995, and is printed in Volume 4 of the books. These volumes used to be available direct from the NMRA Library.
       Incidentally, though Al's historical facts in that paper are correct, I disagree with his interpretation of them, as do most historians. However, as far as I am aware, we remain friends .

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