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I agree with all you guys. I crawled all over a UTLX car that looked very similar to this one, and it looked like it was a converted 8k car, which also had individual compartment capacities of about 2200 gallons. The "new" outside domes were sized only for the new compartment, and the original remained over-large for the new center compartment. It also had an underframe that looked like an X-3, with wooden end platforms and all the neat features those cars had.

Elden Gatwood

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Nice picture, of an interesting car!

Just guessing from the uneven dome sizes, I suspect this may have been rebuilt from a single-compartment car. The large center dome would be the original, and big enough for the whole car. Each of the smaller outer domes would be only large enough for its own compartment. If each tank has convex heads, it's possible that *both* rivet rows between each pair of domes are partitions.

Somewhere I've seen a photo of a three-compartment tank car which lacked outer sheathing between the partitions, so the three tanks had space between them -- strange-looking indeed.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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If someone knows the location to purchase the center dome, I would like to convert all the three-domes I have about?

Great picture--thank you