X29 498539


    #498539 is a legitimate X29 number.  Cars in the upper 400,000 area were assigned to company service, and not listed in the ORER.  If you want a photo of a porthole window X29 in the proper paint and lettering for circa 1956 try a photo in John LaRue's collection (neg. #5133, car number 498038).  Porthole windows were not very common in X29's, or any company service box cars for that matter.  I think they probably date from conversions during the 1940's.  You could paint your car battle ship gray, or butter yellow.  The PRR switched over to yellow about 1953, but by the early 1960's was back to gray.
    Rich Burg

Bill Lane

In my quest for porthole window X29 that were tool or other MOW cars I bought a photo of X29 498539 from Bob’s photos this weekend. The photo date was August 1 1970 and has a very simple late PRR scheme – just PRR and the car number in large letters. Thinking I could back date imagineer it to a 1956 scheme, now I see 498539 was not a X29 series in the 1955 ORER.


So I am not any farther along in trying to get photos of real X29 cars that had porthole windows.


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