LV flat car with a trailer


I think that "flat" car was originally a gondola.

I recall having seen an actual photo of one of these  cars.


Ed Mines

ed_mines of one of the original short, LV fishbelly gons.........


Ed Mines


The LV had three series of “homemade” piggy-back flats.


Series 10000 to 10049 cast steel flat cars. 37 Converted for piggy-back service [Class FC], then returned to ordinary flat car.


Series 11000 to 11174 converted from series 41000 quad hoppers at Packerton Shops 1956-1960. Original hoppers built Beth Steel 1929. Class FC

          11000 to 11059 equipped with jacks & chains                         11060 to 11174 equipped with A.C.F. Trailer Hitch


Series 11300 to 11324 converted from series 31425-31451 gondolas at Packerton & Sayre Shops 1958-1959. Original gondolas built Beth Steel 1935

          All equipped with A.C.F. Trailer Hitch, Class FC


Rich Chapin

AHRS # 2366