ORER 1901-1917 from Google Books

Eric Lombard

Hello Everyone,

I have uplosded the spreadsheet "ORER 1901-1917 Google books.xlsx" to the site. The document tabulates the URLs for 128 editions of the ORER out of a possible 204 in that date range. Coverage is rather good for most years but there are some holes: 1902, most of 1904-1906 and the first half of 1907. All you have to do is select the edition and click on the URL to go to the cover of the edition (or the first page available in cases where the cover was missing).

I found that there had been past exchanges about the ORERs on Google Books in the archives but could not determine if any listing had been uploaded to the the site.

In my hands the process of finding these books rather cumbersome and have only weak faith that I uncovered all that are available. My suspicion is that more editions lurk out there and know that there are pre-1901 editions that turned up in my searches as well.


Homewood, IL


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Thanks anyway for your work!
Enzo Fortuna

Doug Chapman

Eric, thanks for the great work in compiling this document!  It really helps those of us interested in the WWI era railroading. 

Doug Chapman