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Schuyler Larrabee wrote:
"PRR H-somethings

Not entirely true.  The first photo shows (from left to right) a Class H21 but the car on the right is a Class GL twin.  The hoppers in the second photo are NOT PRR.

"NYC Gon

NYC 326000-326999
(ex-LS&MS 38000-38999), Lost LS-79, PSC built 1904.

Ben Hom


In the second photo one can read "P&R" on the second hopper. The first one has an "H" and a "4" below it. It is a twin hopper. Maybe other can read more, but paint looks like it has received a lot of from fires to thaw the loads.

Bob Witt


P&R car is either an HTd or HTf (hard to tell from that angle).

Third photo is interesting for the large "COKE" lettering on the H21a, and the N&W HM behind it (which also show up in the first pic).

David Thompson

Tony Thompson

       What I like about the NYC gon is the extensive chalk marks. They appear to be arithmetic about the light weight - or some kind of weight.

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Hello Steam Era Modelers:  I just wanted to point out that the "Coke" version of the H21 hopper car in the third photo can be modeled with a Westerfield Models Kit #3201, which includes two sizes of the "Coke" lettering.
Thank you,
Andrew Dahm

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Jack Mullen

Ben, I'm surprised you didn't remind Schuyler that there are no dashes in PRR classes. Surely he should have written "Hsomethings" instead of "H-somethings" ;>) Jack Mullen