ADMIN: Re: Demise of RMC?


Chuck Davis writes:

"Looking through the June issue of RMC which finally arrived, there is an informative prototype article on The Great Northern' s Plywood Boxcars by Steffan Ehnbom, Scott Lupia's beautiful modeling of a SCL E7B, as well as Bill's overview of the Valley Forge RPM Meet in March which I think will be of interest to many in the group."

OK...not critical, not against the group's rules.

"I've heard their story that it was at the printers who was is in the process of moving, but I've also gotten emails that Carsten's failed to pay taxes, make payroll and that it's been for sale."

Emails? From who? These comments are exactly why it is against the group's rules to make critical comments about the business practices of a manufacturer and, in this case, RMC produces information. Regardless of whether a member believes it is acceptable to make such comments, it remains AGAINST the group's rules. The issue is NOT open to discussion on the group. The very next such comment will land the author in Moderate Jail!

I will also note that STMFC mgt will provide information about RMC and other manufacturers when official, accurate info becomes available.

Mike Brock
STMFC Owner and Jailer