UP Lumber Trains


Gentlemen and Mike,  I finally had time to check the UP form 2639's for a couple of lumber trains: OG Lumber 42 (Nov. 1947)  and OG Lumber 32 (Dec. 1947).   OGLbr42 had 54 loads and no mts of which 53 were lumber loads (or poles).  There were 20 flat cars on this train.  OGLbr32 had 50 loads and 6 mts of which 42 were lumber loads.  There were 23 flats on this train, 22 with lumber/poles and 1 tractor load.  This seems to be a bit different than the other reports.  Also, I guess that it would be helpful to include the dates for the info as that can play a part in consists.  Maybe that is just the influence of my distant past as a history major?  Maybe, but it is certain that, for example, usage of Reefers changed with the passing years.  Could be that way for FM's also.
          I think that I mentioned this at the Beach a few years ago but the flats on OgLbr42 were from seemingly everywhere: SP, NYC, L&N, ATSF, PRR, M&StL,  EJ&E, CNW, MILW, DT&I, NP, and UP with 1 (one) car. Open tops on both trains were toward the head end. FHP (Frank H. Peacock)