Ribside Cars' MILW DD 40-ft Ribside Detailing

Bill Welch

Dave let me find a photo. Not sure it will be the MILW ladders but the principle will be the same. I will let you know when I post it.

Bill Welch


Bill, nice work on the car. You did some ladders also can you explain your attempt at making the 8 rung ladders ?
BTW I will be posting some modifications I have done to 2 Ribside cars 

Dave Schroedle

Clark Propst

Looking forward to see the photo Bill. That 40’ DD is one of my favorite cars. Never had a use for one before, but now I think I’ll look for one.
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

Bill Welch

I have added an an album named MILW DD 40-ft Ribside car w/two photos of my work to make a more accurate model of one the Milwaukee's 40-ft DD welded cars. As it comes it does not represent any of the cars as pictured in the Volume of the RP CYC covering the MILW's ribside car fleet IMO. My model represents my attempt to match a photo I found in RP CYC of one of the groups of cars. Sorry but my copy of the appropriate RP CYC seems to be out of pocket or I would give the page number.A quick review of what I did:

Removed the small fittings above the upper door track
Added an Athearn Door stop at the right end of the upper door track
Used 0.010 rod to represent small corrugations in the doors.
Added door handles using DA NBWs and wire
Scratchbuilt Placard Boards for doors and ends and Route Card Holders/Boards for doors
Added strips of .010x.030 Evergreen along the bottom with scratchbuilt attched to it and the lower door track
Added little styrene bits to extend the door rollers down slightly past the lower door track.
Added little trapezoids to each end of the grabs to replicate the seemingly unique fixtures used by the MILW
Added a new lower sill to match the photo in RP CYC
New metal sill steps contoured to match the signature MILW profile
Scratchbuilt new ladders and bits of styrene to serve for mounting them on the sides and ends
Peaking out on the left side of the photo is an etched Bracket from Sunshine's FGE/WFE/BRE wartime reefer kits that I used for the right end of the grabs iron. It is a little oversize but I am pleased with the result

Overall I am pretty happy with the model. The only big compromise is the lower part of the side with is slightly compressed vertically but I  could not see any way to fix it. The roof is a nice representation IMO of the unique MILW welded roof and the decals w/the kit look very good. This is one of way too many models I have in my que to paint but it is pretty far up the list so we will see. I enjoy improving kits like this and is one of the reasons I prefer to "role my own."

Once you can view the photos I think they will answer any questions but if not please inquire.

Bill Welch