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Gatwood, Elden J SAD

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Having been in both arenas; modeling articles and prototype books, I would add there was an AWFUL lot of discussion on the topic of "relevancy" and "shelf life" when we started talking "The Keystone Modeler". The biggest reasons we went digital at that time was: no printing charges; the ability to revise ANY document whenever we wanted, and most important to me: no limits to what I wanted to say or show readers, esp how big I could print photos.

Since there were no "go bys" at that time, we asked a lot of questions of potential readership, and the things we considered essential turned out to be:

Solid historical background

Modeling options available at time of publication (recognizing we could come back and revisit any subject)

Paint and lettering, including dates

Appearance over time

All of these are valuable aspects that can be timeless, whereas the availability of kits...well, you know...

Elden Gatwood

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