Type 30 and N.A.T.X. replacement tanks available

Tom Madden

I have cast resin replacement tank shells for the Sunshine Type 30 kits and the Speedwitch N.A.T.X. tank car kit, about three dozen of each. Both  commercial kits come with Intermountain 8K shells and domes which require extensive modification by the modeler. These cast resin replacements, complete with domes, have all the mods done for you  - including spotting the handrail post locations. Patterns by Frank Hodina. Photos of the N.A.T.X. tank are here:



Here's the Type 30:


And here are the two tanks together:


The NATX tank is intended for Ted's kits and not Richard's kitbash article in the first issue of Railroad Prototype Modeling. Both model the same prototype, but Richard shortened an Intermountain tank to match the Tichy underframe, while Ted spliced two Tichy underframes to match the tank. Ted's method is easier, and his kit includes two Tichy underframes for your splicing pleasure.

On a related note, Tangent's neat triple dome tank car rides on a Type 30 underframe, and parts are available separately from Tangent. I have spliced two Tangent underframes to match the one in the Sunshine kit, and it's a much better looking underframe. A bit pricey, since you need two complete Tangent underframes and related parts, but it is doable. Mine's awaiting brake gear, rods and piping at the moment. This is a real "stone soup" project, with the decals being the only unique Sunshine part needed to complete the car.

Price for either replacement tank is $12 each plus a flat $4 for shipping regardless of quantity. If demand exceeds supply (it has on all my previous offerings) I'll start a wait list and make more. I do not have extra Sunshine or Speedwitch kits to go with these!

For information please reply OFF LIST (that's O F F  L I S T!) to tcmadden (at) q (dot) com. Yes, the domain is a single lower case Q.


Tom Madden