NYC (MDT) Boxcars – Lot 852-B


Have you tried the NYC Historical Society???? What photos they have are filed by Lot Number

Roger Hinman

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I have many NYC photos but I've never seen one of these. Probably looks
like other Despatch cars built before and after. In 1954 I'd guess it got
Roman lettering and used a white New York Central System emblem stencil,
and the side sheathing would be 5+8 riveted panels (i.e. like Branchine)

Tim O'Connor

>Has anyone got any photos (builder's or in-service) of the 50 foot, double door boxcars
>in Lot 852-B? That lot of 100 cars was built in late 1954 with Despatch end and roof stampings.
>The car numbers were NYC 73900 to 73999.
>Ralph Schiring - Omaha