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Well, in order to maintain civility in the STMFC, I am going to respond to John Hodson's message.
First, I acknowledge that John had a computer failure lately and may well have lost a copy of the group's rules. Nevertheless, I do NOT want a flame war to develop on the STMFC with regard to John's comments.
So, note the STMFC rules which John's message violates:
 "Emphasis is to
be placed on the study of the prototype with
a goal of producing models of them with as great a degree of accuracy as
possible." .
"Personal attacks on other members, manufacturers or prototype modeling
events is expressly prohibited
and may result in
expulsion from the group. Members are expected to conduct themselves in a
gentlemanly manner. Personal attacks on anyone including non members is not

"Members are permitted to criticize or praise manufacturer's products free
from criticism from other members. Criticism of a manufacturer's business
practices is, however, not within the scope of the group."

"Threads or subjects may be terminated only by myself or my
representatives. When threads/subjects are terminated, members are expected
to avoid sending messages associated with such threads/subjects."
The thread "Prototype Fidelity" was terminated on Nov 24. There are so many additional violations of the group's rules including, specifically, that against personal attacks, that I am merely going to note that replies are not necessary because John cannot respond on the STMFC since he now resides in Moderate Jail.
For those not understanding a major principle of the STMFC, let me explain it. If you disagree with another member with regard to an in scope issue...for example, a model's are free to comment on the accuracy or lack thereof. You are not free to make negative comments about another member with a different view. [ as in: "Andy Carlson’s writing is hardly productive. I don’t believe he recognizes the role of fund raising in historical..."
Or: "Tony Thompson’s remarks are not of much use either.."
End of subject.
Mike Brock




I agree completely with your assessment. I worked for one fallen flag railroad (merged into Union Pacific later)  and retired from another now fallen flag railroad (merged into BN). The railroad in my home town was the Minneapolis & St. Louis, merged into the C&NW. I worked on that track but after the C&NW owned it so that wouldn’t count as a third. My children are not interested in railroad history so they will not follow me. My grandchildren like trains but not enough to be a member of one of the societies. They only know that the Union Pacific owns a lot of track and the old roads that constitute the UP are not part of their experience. My grandson is interested in being a Naval Aviator and wants to be a part of HMX-1 (USMC) at Quantico because I am a United States Marine (Once a Marine, always a Marine!).

I belong to a number of historical societies because I am interested in the history of railroads in general and some very specifically. I will maintain my membership as long as I am able. The internecine bickering about authenticity is counter-productive as you have explained. I like to have models that are as accurate as possible and I will go to the lengths I need to produce it for myself. As you know, some of the historical societies have very well done modeling groups, the PRR, B&O and C&NW come to mind at the moment.

Andy Carlson’s writing is hardly productive. I don’t believe he recognizes the role of fund raising in historical societies. One of them has a real challenge in bringing an articulated steam locomotive to life. The engine in question is a medium size locomotive and was housed in a museum. I do know that the fund raising is not always successful and grants are not always wisely used, an example of this is seen in the Pennsylvania K4s, the engine number 1371 (I believe if my memory has not turned to Gouda cheese). The engine has been in an unassembled state for at least a decade and perhaps even more. I gather Andy Carlson is a member of the Southern Pacific Historical Society which has in fact purchased some tooling from Red Caboose model company for two Southern Pacific cars. I know the kits are in the forty dollar range. He apparently has plenty of cash on hand to purchase these.

Tony Thompson’s remarks are not of much use either. I assume from his posting, I am likely “past my ‘sell by’ date’”. I have two Tyco refrigerator car bodies and some other parts with which to build a pair of PFE R-30-19 composite rebuilds. Not 100% accurate I think but in my opinion, enough so. What do these “totally accurate” people do. Run the cars to the RIP track to renew the bearings and repack the journals? How do they get the journal box lids open to repack the journals? I could make a counter-productive remark publically but I am going to resist the temptation! Metanoya (Biblical Greek for repent)!

Ah, well, enough of my rant! This drivel as you very accurately call It does irk me!


John L. Hodson  

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