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And to add to what Ben and Mike have provided, when doing the research on these cars, we were only able to come up with "Don't Stand..." logos for cars built between 7/55 and 8/55 in Shadow Keystone lettering, of course. There appears to have been a mix of white and yellow logos. Lowest car number with a logo that we were able to find was car number 23963. First car number in a color photo with a logo is white: car number 24018, followed by car number 24083 in white. By car number 24086 we have yellow logos, followed by yellow 24115. By car number 24166 we have white logo, and the final car number for which we have a color photo is car number 24359. The logo number series runs from at least car number 23963 to 24477.

There is an interesting mix of high and low tack boards on these cars. They straddle the time PRR was going from high to low, and some have a mix. If you are that interested, ask. I also have partial info on brake gear. They appear to have had a mix of Ajax, Klasing and Universal.

All cars appear to have had 8-foot Y-town doors with the center rocker handle, OH diagonal panels roofs, rectangular grid r/b's, and the same side sill and u/f arrangement.

Only one car we were able to dig up a photo on had anything other than the 2D-F8 trucks most X29 ended up with, and that is car number 24255, which had nice yellow-capped roller bearings inside the old housing.

Lastly, I know this is going to start another flame war, but I do not believe these cars got fully painted roofs, only edge spray. Two photos I have have me convinced of this. It is possible the '52-'53 cars did, but not the rest. PRR had fully gone to galvanized roofs by this time, which shed paint. I don't think they wasted paint on this. PRR guys: Take a look at photo E-20856 and tell me what you think.

I have only seen a small portion of the correspondence that goes along with these cars, so I don't think we have all the answers on them yet. We would all welcome any more information.

Elden Gatwood

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Clark Propst asked:
"I see that F&C has a rebuilt X29? for sale. Can someone enlighten me on
this car’s history?"

PRR 22301-23500 and 23600-26500, PRR Class X29D, 3100 cars rebuilt from Class X29 boxcars 1952-1956. The only correct prototype for the "Don't Stand Me Still" slogan.

Ben Hom

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