Book: Freight Cars Rolling


Again, Courtesy of Charles Hostetler’s blog (Modeling the CNW in Milwaukee, 1957) here is a link to a digitized version of Lawrence W. Sagle's book "Freight Cars Rolling" published in 1960.


The book, digitized as published or in text form (which can be copied) is available free on- line at:;view=1up;seq=1


After a quick review I would not say this is as good a book as “Freight Car Distribution & Car Handling In The United States”, however, the book is loaded with pictures from the era before 1960.


Below is the table of contents.


Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA



Table Of Contents


Chapter 1. Freight Car Classification — Identification of Types — Markings, Slogans, Colors.

Chapter 2. Making a Freight Shipment — Computing Freight Charges — Rail-

road Scales — What the Freight Cars Carry.

Chapter 3. Freight Car Records and Accounting — The Car Service Department — How the Cars are Routed — Per Diem,

 Mileage Charge, Demurrage — Car Inspection and Repair.

Chapter 4. The Work  of the Freight Agent — The Freight Forwarding Company — Pickup and Delivery  Service.

Chapter 5. Shipping Fruits and Vegetables — Beef from the Prairies —

Handling Live Stock — The Banana Train — Watermelons from Dixie — Coal, Ore  and Steel.

Chapter 6. The Freight Train and its Crew — The Train Conductor and

Train Orders — "Peddlers" and Fast Freights — Ruling Grade and Tonnage Restrictions — Classification Yards, Break-Bulk Stations — 1,236,650,000 Tons of Freight!