Photos needed: HPCX and COSX

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I have been conducting research for a few years on two series of cars and would like to see if anyone has any leads on photos from these series of cars:

HPCX 6010-6019?  At least the first five cars in this series were GA 3-compartment 6,000 gallon tank cars, verified from a photo of a car in the 1970s.  Looking for any other photos.  

Same for any of these cars:


COSX 24-26

COSX 928-938

COSX 941-947

COSX 2100-2104

Thank you,

David Lehlbach

Tangent Scale Models


There's a photo of COSX 935 in RMJ 6/08, p 15.

There are photos of COSX 947 and 941 in Kaminski, "Tank Cars AC&F", pp 105 and 106 respectively, but these are both two-compartment cars built by AC&F.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.