PRR K11 stock car

Douglas Harding

Sorry Ben. What I found was actually new P/L releases and I assumed it was a new model. My error.


Doug Harding


ron christensen

Thanks all 
I'm building a Sparrow Point kit The screen is metal and seems to be too large. There are much finer screens available. I just found the picture of #130539 at the B&O wreck. The car end screen is fine and I wonder if the sides were made with the same kind.
The kit uses a Bowser boxcar with the sides cut out and new brass sides. I don't think the kit is on the market any more and the new Bowser car is a very nice car with out doing the kit bash.
Ron Christensen

Benjamin Hom

Doug Harding wrote:
"Bowser has just introduced a HO model of a K11 stockcar, which appears to have nice screening."
"Just introduced"? This model has been on the market for almost 20 years!

Ben Hom