Scalpels or scalpel blades and other knives

Schuyler Larrabee

I’ve had scalpel blades and X-Acto blades and SERBs beat them both, IMHO.


But  I want to bring up another knife. Larger and heavier duty than this discussion has been about but still, a damned fine knife.


Olfa L.  Olfa is the maker, L is the model.  They have a long blade, about 6”, which can be extended a long ways, and also retracted for storage or carrying in your pocket, and it is scored so that when the tip or the part that is extended gets dull, you can snap off the blade in increments a bit over ¼”.  It’s more on the order of a mat knife, but much much more controllable and much safer.  I have used it for everything from cutting sprue, small detail cuts, to (just this afternoon) cutting 5/8” Type X  firecode drywall.


It’s important to get the L, as there are a couple other models that have a friction slider to “secure” the blade in the knife body.  I put the quotes around “secure” for a very solid reason.  But the L has a knob which you screw down and the blade will NOT move in the body.


If I could only have ONE knife, this would be it.  Second, SERB.  Third, X-Acto, except for the chisel blade.  I didn’t like the scalpel blade and handle I once had.





I feel my question has been adequately answered.  Thanks to all who responded.  I especially appreciate the comments of those who have actually tried scalpels.  I think, in the short run at least, I shall stick with my present tool choices.
Gene Green