Andrews Cast side 50 ton trucks


I'm working on the trucks for my USRA single sheathed box car, specifically Andrews cast side frame 50 ton trucks.  I have some good dimensional information from the USRA car specs, but I'm looking for any pictures of them as they might appear in 1019-20 so as to add the details.  Also what would be the correct embossed writing on the side of these trucks?

The initial specs for these cars called for an arch bar truck, but it doesn't seem that was done.  I know these type of trucks were more problematic that the cast version, but was there something else about there demise.

Jay Ruppel

Ray, a builder's photo of your 50-ton truck appears in Westerfield's DVD on American Car & Foundry Builder's Photos 1899-1928. It shows the cast-on lettering. Or you could buy a pair of my HO scale USRA trucks.

Brian Leppert
Tahoe Model Works
Carson City, NV