ADMIN: Re: Re: Photos, copyright etc.


Jim Betz asks an interesting question.

"2) I have always thought that including a -link- to a photo that is
somewhere on the web does not violate copyright laws - that
it is the responsibility of the person who posted it to the web
to adhere to the law. Correct? If yes, then it is OK to post here
on Yahoo groups - a link to a photo somewhere else on the web
- also correct?"

Well, I'm going to reply without going through hundreds of pages of copyright law. Simply put, the STMFC is going to attempt to NOT publish works for which copyright is not owned by the one presenting the work. OTOH, the STMFC is not going to "police" the web and/or any site where a photo may be found to ensure that the photo's copyright has been secured by the site. IOW, the STMFC will try to follow copyright laws for those items maintained and/or displayed ON the STMFC. References to photos found off the STMFC will not be subject to STMFC scrutiny.

HOWEVER, and I want this to be clearly understood, no photo will be displayed ON the STMFC except those that are approved by STMFC management. Use of Picasa or any other process except that of Yahoo Groups as a means to put photos on the STMFC is now prohibited. Such use will get you jail time.

Mike Brock