. . . Airbrushes 101 & Airbrushing Acrylics with Them-Help Wanted at Cocoa Beach

Bill Welch

I am planning a two-part clinic for Prototype Rails on THE BEACH January 8-9, 2016 and will need some HELP for PART TWO to be successful. Here are some details.

1.) "Internal Mix Double Action Airbrushes 101 & Airbrushing Acrylics with Them" will be a traditional type clinic with the lights lowered and visuals presented. One part will be an explanation of Internal Mix Double Action Airbrushes, an explanation of why they may be the best choice for spraying Acrylic paint and a survey of six ABs:

Badger 155 "Anthem"
Badger 105 "Patriot"
Passche "Talon"
GREX "Tritium" TG3
Harder & Steenbeck "Infinity"
Iwata "HP-C Plus"

I will also mention three good quality inexpensive Chinese "ABEST" ABs for those on a budget. Accessories like compressors, hoses, and Quick Disconnects will be addressed.

The second part of this will be about how to be successful Airbrushing Acrylics. A Downloadable Handout with links to various resources will be provided covering both parts.

2.) "LIVE FIRE" This separate event is limited to 48 people and will allow participants to spray Badger's "Modelflex" with one of four ABs: Badger 155 "Anthem"; Badger 105 "Patriot"; Passche "Talon";  and GREX "Tritium" TG. Cardboard will provide some practice before moving on to an unpainted Box Car Body provided by Accurail. People will be able to signup for this part starting at Noon on January 8, 2016 with some slots held back for Saturday arrivals. There will be a two and one-half hour time block for this activity with each painter allowed ten minutes.

I need TWO kinds of HELP with this part:

First, to make sure things run smoothly I need a few people that are experienced air brushers, especially with Internal Mix Double Action Airbrushes and preferably with Acrylics, to assist each painter. Ideally they will be sitting across from each painter to answer questions and Coach as necessary. Also cleaning ABs between painters as necessary with Distilled Water and 91% Isopropyl Alcohol. If we have enough "Volunteer Coaches," they might be able to work in shifts rather than the whole time slot. 

Second, two people that are driving have volunteered to bring their air compressors and I can run two ABs from mine. However taking into account "Murphy's Law" and to minimize encountering FUBAR, it would make me worry much less if a couple of people would also put their compressors in their cars and lug them to CCB.

Please contact me OFF-LIST (fgexbill(at)tamapbay.rr.com) if you can help by serving as an Airbrushing Coach or bringing your compressor.

Thank you for giving this your attention and consideration.
Bill Welch