Salt for peeling paint Galvanized Paneled Roofs

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I'm sure most of you would never be caught dead on a narrow gauge site :~) , but Boulder Valley Models has a how-to page on using the salt technique:

Maybe you will find their techniques useful

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One of the modelers I have corresponded with said he has had the best results w/Kosher salt although he did not know why so I purchased some Morton's "Coarse Kosher Salt."

I have used a "Mask-It" product similar to rubber cement in the past. At the time I liked the result but in retrospect as I look at the models it looks like a flock of incontinent pigeons flew over the model. The contours of the margins of the galvanized areas look too smooth and the exposed galvanized area look too much like water spots. I am seeking a more irregular or jagged appearance.

I was not enthusiastic about the Hair Spray method until Andy mentioned using a Fiber Glass Brush to scratch the paint. It seems like this would also produce a jagged appearance. Since I have several IM roofs I will experiment with that also.

As too Brian's comment, although good shots high enough to see the roofs are very rare, I do have several photos showing the edges of roof where there is paint and no paint. Among my 500 or so models I have maybe 2-3 models with this effect. I have not done it in about 15 years so I decided with new knowledge and materials, I want to do it again on a couple of current builds if the experiments are promising.

Over on the Resin Builders Yahoo Group people have been very kind about the photo on my weathered wood running board so I am going to write an RCW Blog item on modeling a wood running board and the Rock Salt and now the Hair Spray methods to model peeling paint.

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