Ice refrigerators, Early 40-foot Mechs

Tony Thompson

Bill Welch wrote:


I suspect Dennis has the correct answer to John King's question. BTW this car was renumbered to 111 at some point. FGE built only 10 more Thermo-King equipped cars as their gasoline fueled engines proved unpopular in interchange service. Today of course Thermo-King rules on trucks and rail cars.

     PFE experiment3ed with end-mount refrigeration units, applied to ice-car bodies, in 1960 and 1962, five different mechanical arrangements in five different cars, using Trane, Carrier, York and Thermo-King refrigeration. Although plans were made to convert 500 cars, that program was never carried out. In 1965, two of the experimental cars received new Thermo-King and Transicold units, but the entire experiment was terminated in 1968  (see the PFE book for photos and more details).
      All that, of course, lies somewhere in the misty future of this list.

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