Wire handrails for tank cars

Andy Carlson

I like the idea of using heat shrink tubing for handrail connections for our tank cars. The available sizes are all too large with the exception of PTFE clear tubing.

Heating this tubing requires a higher temp than most heat shrinks, so the handrail must be connected before attaching the whole assembly to the tank car (which probably most of us would do anyway).

The stuff is easily cut to length and very durable; resistant to most of the chemicals we have in our workshops and certainly will withstand a trip into a heat-curing oven for a Scalecoat finished brass tank car. I would scuff a longer length of tubing prior to cutting to give it some "tooth" for painting.

I want to order both 0.020" and 0.024" inside diameter 2:1 ratio heatshrink PTFE tubing. With the 2:1 ratio, the shrink of the PTFE tubing will close down up to 0.010"  and 0.012" inside diameters. If your handrail material is 0.019" the resultant pipe coupler part's overall diameter will be slightly less if using the 0.020" heat shrink. The shipping is $10 which is as expensive as three pieces of the tubing (which are one foot lengths).

I would be willing to purchase enough pieces to satisfy the requested demand from you folks. If we get 6 people, the shipping would be $10 split 6 ways which would be $2.25 each with the envelope and stamp included for shipping to each individual. More folks would reduce the shipping costs further.

The prices are:
$3.77 for the 0.020"
$3.36 for the 0.024"

Both come in 1 foot lengths.
I will be happy to order these tubings for anyone reading this post. I will be selling these at cost.

If interested, contact me OFF-LIST (please) at
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA