Red Caboose Freight Car Roofs

Allan Smith

I am in need of about  six Murphy panel roofs. Does anyone know where I can get them?? If anyone wants to trade I have six diagonal panel roofs I don't need.

Al Smith
Sonora CA

John Sykes III

Branchline used to sell them separately.  I would check with Atlas (under parts) to see if they are still carrying them.  My understanding was that Atlas acquired all the Branchline rolling stock AND PARTS.  But it might be a little difficult to dig them out of the Atlas website.

Branchline sold the following parts separately:

Roofs (Murphy and Diag Panel I think the Murphys had wood running boards and the Diag had Apex, but I am not sure of this)
End details
Side details
Ends (Various styles of Dreadnaught)
Doors (Various styles and sizes)
I think they sold different styles of running boards, but I would go with Plano for any metal running boards)

Des Plains Hobbies sells (or used to sell) 40 ft Viking roofs.

Sorry, I am keeping all of mine!!!

-- John


I think Atlas still carry them, but not sure, the part number is BLI 140002 and there is a link here to it.
Rob McLear