trucks under NYC lot 488H hoppers

D. Scott Chatfield

The photo on page 97 of the New York Central Color Guide Volume Two shows NYC 913703 in 1949 riding on some very strange trucks. They appear to be a T-section Andrews but I don't see the springs. Any idea what these trucks were called?

The caption says the series was 910000-910549, so obviously 913703 is a bit outside of that range. The all-time NYC roster at shows the 488H series to be 911000-915999, so I'll believe that. It also says that a few of them ran with NYC reporting marks into 1977, but I doubt they did so with those trucks, even if they were only used in captive service on-line. T-sections were banned in interchange in the early '50s.

The photographer probably took 913703's picture because it was fresh from the paint shop at Avon (stenciled AV 6-49) and yet it still rode on these funky trucks. You'd think they would've retrucked it that close to the outlaw date.

Now on page 96 you can see part of NYC 915419 and it's riding on some sort of cast-sideframe, integral journal box truck (there, I didn't say "bettendorf"), but the signal wires make it hard to say exactly what kind of truck. It looks like it has a flat top rather than an arch. Again, any idea what truck this is? Also, it appears to only have two visible spring groups, when I would expect to see three on a 70-ton truck in those days. Compare to PMcK&Y 53019 on page 100, a Lot 435H (same basic carbody as 488H) which was probably in the same string of cars as 913703.

Scott Chatfield

Those are Verona trucks, and not T-section.  They've been discussed before on this list.  Search the photos section for "Verona".

The truck under NYC 915419 has the typical spring group for conventional 70-ton trucks when the car was built (circa 1924?).  That was 5 springs per side frame in a 2-1-2 pattern, and that middle spring can be seen in the photo.  By comparison, 40-50 ton trucks had only four springs, grouped close together.

Brian Leppert
Tahoe Model Works
Carson City, NV

Guy Wilber

Scott wrote:

""T" sections were banned in
interchange in the early '50s."

A bit later, Scott..."T", "L" and "I" section side frames were prohibited in interchange as of January 1, 1957.


Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada