Fenton's projects

O Fenton Wells

Attached are cars that I have been building the last few months.  The high side gon is a Sunshine kit with a junk load and the low side gon is a SRHA kit I think.  The boxcars are the start of my Canadian journey and are all IM or Red Caboose 10'-0" IH cars and the car with the Green Maple leaf is a stoke RC car with some weathering and a few details applied.  The White Maple leaf car is a RC car with Sylvan NSC-1 ends and a Sylvan Hutchins roof.  The CP car is a RC car with Sylvan CP ends.  the GTW car is a stock Accurail car with the Standard Car Co. #1000 the door and a half kit applied. also with ladders removed and grabs and NBW castings added.  All the boxcars were undec with Black Cat decals which are very well done and I highly recommend them.  I have three more Canadian cars to do before I complete my visit north of the border.