Avoiding Switching Charges (ATSF 126439)


This is another photo from the USC Digital Library (http://digitallibrary.usc.edu/ ).


Apparently this is one person's approach to avoiding switching charges:




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This was taken outside of Santa Fe's La Grande Station in 1934. If nothing else, it's a good photo of ATSF 126439, a Bx-12 boxcar built in 1930. The second car probably is a Bx-12 as well but the number is not visible.


The Santa Fe had 3,500 of these cars, purchased from AC&F (500), Pullman (1,500), General American (1,000) and Pressed Steel Car (500), according to Santa FE Boxcars, 1869-1953. The Listing Of Freight Cars By Class And Car Number 1906-1991 shows the 500 AC&F cars as having been built by the Santa Fe shops, however.


ATSF 126439 is a member of the 500 cars with the uncertain builder.


Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

Jack Mullen

Bob Chaparro said:

  >Apparently this is one person's approach to avoiding switching charges:

More likely, it's a staged photo session to advertise the pulling power of the '34 Hudson.

Jack Mullen


I was being facetious, Jack.