HO Shoreham Factory Painted brass 50' express reefer #100-199

Andy Carlson

I have a steam era Great Northern 50' long, low height WFE wood side reefer offered for purchase.

HO Shoreham Shops #GNEX 04 Great Northern Western Fruit Express 50' Express Reefer #100-199. Factory Painted. It is NEW,  brass import Great Northern wood side passenger express 50' reefer, factory painted in the yellow sideways goat scheme with fully spelled out WESTERN FRUIT EXPRESS W.F.E.X. 133 on the left; EXPRESS REFRIGERATOR with small Great Northern sideways facing goat on the right. Black hardware and freight car red wood roof and ends.

$325 at the Caboose Hobbies a few years back. I want $215 plus $10 shipping.
I accept checks and money orders. For a fee, I also accept PayPal. Contact me off-list (Please) if interested and for details.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA