New Photos at Bob's {Jim Parker's}

Richard Brennan

"There used to be a folder..."
There are two:
on STMFC: Jim Parker's STMFC Photos
on MFCL: JimParker Photos

Jim Parker has given explicit permission for the re-posting of these photos, and I previously forwarded that eMail message to the appropriate list owners.
There are many more that have not yet been posted in the Photo Albums...

Richard Brennan - San Leandro CA

At 05:18 AM 8/16/2016, Tim O'Connor timboconnor@... [STMFC] wrote:
The Jim Parker photos on Fallen Flags are exactly the same pictures
that Bill and I and others receive in daily postings from that collection,
except that Fallen Flags reduces their SIZE significantly and then adds
very lossy compression to them. Very poor quality IMO. :-(

There used to be a folder on the MFCL with lots of high quality, full size
Jim Parker shots in it. I believe there are also many of the shots that can
be found on Flickr.