Atlas Undec. Postwar 40-ft Steel cars—ex-Branchline

Bill Welch

Thanks to a couple of list members I have been able to round up some Undec. Branchline—now Atlas—postwar steel boxcars but I wanted a few more and decided to order three from Atlas, their 20001384. I am not sure why I did not believe they actually had them. . .. Anyway last Monday I ordered them and they arrived via UPS today. While waiting I wondered if they might be leftover from Branchline. Not so, they are molded in Grey styrene packed in an Atlas box equipped with one of their trays. We still get two roofs and four ends. Because of the way they are packaged the underframe is on but not glued to the floor with the trucks screwed in place. The brake cylinder with all of the brake rods is dry fit onto the u/f. Details including ladders have been cut from the sprues and are all in a small sealed bag.

Price for each was $22.95 and I am pleased to have half dozen or so to help me model some my favorite Ya'll road cars.

Bill Welch

Fred Jansz

Good to know Bill. I'm currently building six of these cars in WP livery. Missing one 7' youngstown door though. Any chance Atlas might have these for sale as spares? If not I'd have to use a Kadee door but this has one major flaw: the cast on tackboard.
Cheers, Fred Jansz