Front Range 40' Double door

William Dale

      I don't know if your Front Range kits are welded or riveted, but way back in the day in Railmodel Journal 6/92 had an article on an ACF prototype.  They used a C&BT riveted car body for the project, 4/4 interim improved Dreadnaught ends, Murphy rectangular panel roof, 14' double doors, 10'6" IH,  and with added details yielded a car for the GM&O, L&N, and UP.

Bill Dale

Dave Lawler

Good day all,
I recently found 3 Front Range 40' Dbl. Door ACF box cars in my cabinet of "stuff". I took them to a flea market but found no takers. I looked more closely at them and found them to be rather nice castings with separate ladders,grabs etc. The cars have  4/4 ends and a long "fishbelly" side sill. I looked through my ACF Freight Car book but could not find anything exactly like them. Are any of you familiar with these cars? Is there a prototype for them or are the "foobies"?
Dave Lawler