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Gatwood, Elden J SAD


It's interesting you brought that up. Several of the RRs that kept the pivoting brake had slightly different versions, but it seems no one quite knows all the details on this. Have you ever seen anything that explained it? When I built my Westerfield USRA's, I never did the RDG version for that reason, and had to guess at the B&O details from a fuzzy photo. I have been told that the pivoting brake was highly troublesome, as-built, so doing modifications to make them more robust or trustworthy makes sense, but it also looks like each RR did their own version. Do you think your RDG clones came with a better version as-built?


Elden Gatwood

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The gondola in question is indeed a post USRA, a clone that was built by Bethlehem in 1925, class GMl. This was in a batch from 21500-21599, costing new $2282.45. This had a lengthy career, being reported wrecked in May 1956. One last bit, the brake detailing did not follow the USRA practice.

Bill Dale
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