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Gatwood, Elden J SAD

Hear, hear! I second that latter request!

Elden Gatwood

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Another thing about Front Range 40 foot and 50 foot box cars is that if you are willing to do

a little extra work, the floor can be cut out and replaced with the outstanding floor/underframe

castings from Accurail. They look 10x better and are more accurate than the awful FR u/f.

Also the Front Range models have separate roofs. The ends are indeed R+3/4 and in my

opinion are the best feature of the models, better than any other rendition of those ends in

HO scale. Accurail of course acquired the tooling for the 50 foot cars (Red Caboose got the

40 foot cars) and released them with cast-on details. The ZU eave roof Accurail cut is also

the best such roof in HO scale, far superior to Branchline's. If only it were available as a

separate part!

Tim O'Connor

AFAIK, all the Front Range 50' cars had a moderately detailed floor that was part of the body casting. The separate underframe casting terminated just short of the coupler boxes, which themselves were separate parts that attached to the floor. The ends were the late "banana taper" type and the roof was diagonal panel. Does this help? Garth Groff