Diosol Formula

John Sykes III

I've got all three of those in my solvent collection.  Thanks for the ratios.

-- John

P.S. Acetone can be use with other solvents to accelerate the drying of lacquer, just as Butyl Cellosolve is used to slow it down, but I have never seen it used alone, except for nail polish remover.  I do think it is one of the ingredients of Tru-Color paints (or, rumor has it).  Definitely melts most plastics.



I copied the Diosol formula posted in one of the yahoo groups several years ago by a chemist who lab analyzed and posted the formula. This is as posted verbatim.

"38% by vol toluene, 41% by vol xylene and 21% by vol Solvesso 100 (a long evaporation rate aromatic hydrocarbon solvent). Getting the toluene and xylene is not difficult, but the Solvesso 100 is only available through chemical suppliers."

I was fortunate to have a local paint manufacturer that could provide the Solvesso 100.

Also, I would never soak anything other than metal in Diosol.

BTW, I'm looking for original formula Floquil RR10 Engine Black, the exact number must be RR10. Bottle, box, can, case......


Randy Danniel