Branchline Freight Car Ends

Nelson Moyer

I’ve searched unsuccessfully for Branchline 10002, R+3/4 improved early Dreadnaught boxcar ends. Is there a source of Branchline ends and doors?


Nelson Moyer

Jeff Webb

Hi Nelson,

If you go to Atlas' website and into their on-line store then run a search for "BL1" you will see that they still have some Branchline parts still available. Didn't see any ends but they have a number of different doors listed.
They don't seem to list these parts through their normal on-line catalog, you have to run a search for them.

Another option is ebay if you don't mind dealing with them. There is a seller that sells undecorated sets that may have what you need. I have bought several of these sets from this seller and they have lots of good useful parts.



Those Branchline/Atlas BL-10002 ends and ladders are available from Cannon and Company. I bought a large quanta from Atlas for use with some of my laser cut freight car kits.

3105 Branchline R 3/4 Improved Dreadnaught Ends


Dave Hussey
Cannon and Company