DT&I Gondola Wood Floor 5-inch wide Board x Board Construction

Bill Welch

Yesterday I spent some time building a styrene fixture to help me split 10-inch wood scale boards into 5-inch boards. Having given the fixture 24 hours to cure I started splitting the wood to model the flooring in a resin DT&I gon as has been discussed recently here. The results are in a Dropbox folder "DT&I Gondola Wood Floor 5-inch wide Board x Board Construction" the link for which is below. What I did is rotate the test patch four times to effectively catch the sunlight from different directions. You will see a 5-Pointed Star drawn on the Blue Tape for orientation. As you can see I used a blade to damage the wood in an attempt to show a floor after years of service.

My favorite cutting tool is a Single Edge Razor Blade (SERB) but I recently purchased an EXCEL Hobby Knife that I picture in a separate folder. I used this exclusively on this little experiment. It is light weight, easy to see, and does not roll around and when capped it is very safe. It is definitely replacing my X-Acto handle.

Because a #11 blade is a little wider than a SERB I thought it would create a slightly wider bevel when splitting the wood and help create a more defined edge to the wood. Because I am using scale 10 x 3-inch wood, I did not try to split the wood in one pass of the knife and after a couple of passes on the wood I realized I liked the effect and so some of the wood you see is actually a 10-inch piece with two or three passes of the knife. The board next to the Star is one such board. There are 3 or 4 more mixed in with individual 5-inch boards. Your feedback on how this is looking will be appreciated.

I am using CA to glue the wood onto a sheet of 0.010 styrene. I am going to experiment with PanPastels and Colored Pencils to age the floor. I am curious to see if the flexible substrate will allow me to do some of the boards separately. Here is the link:


Bill Welch