HO OMI Pennsy brass X28 1+1/2 door Auto box car

Andy Carlson

I have a project PRR X28 box car which I have lost interest. I purchased this Overland Models #3018, MS Models built, X28 without an underframe/floor. My intentions were to remove the left-side corrugated 4' Youngstown door, fill in the door opening with a riveted panel. and have a period correct X28A rebuild.

This comes with the original box and foam in great condition, but the underframe and floor is missing and I suggest a modified Red Caboose X29 frame. The brass body is in no tarnish mint condition, and brake staff and running board, along with ladders and grabs are present. As the 1st 100 cars came with arch bar trucks, I will include a pair of Tahoe Model Works 5'6" Arch Bar trucks with semi-scale code 88 wheel sets. Info for this car can be found in Vol. 24 of RPC.

The 1st 1000 (of a total of 5000 X28's built) were equipped with Youngstown corrugated steel doors, as is this model. I will toss in 4 pairs of Red Caboose X28 3-panel doors for kitbashing fodder if the buyer is inclined to model one of the 2000 so equipped. These cars were all gone by 1935, having been rebuilt into X28a single door box cars.

Offered for $85, shipping included to US addresses. I accept checks and money orders. With a small fee I accept PayPal. Contact me off-list @ for details.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA