NYC Steel Gondola photo

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I caught it, but refrained from mentioning same for fear of offending somebody. Believe it or not, it happened to me. 

Many years ago I did some assembly work for Grandtline, building air pumps up from several pieces. They were to be used as investments for lost wax castings on a D&RGW narrow gauge 2-8-2. I was allowed to keep any that were defective, and a lot of them lost the tiny little piston during casting or in handling/assembly. Some of the defects were glued together, weathered up and used as a gondola load. When I took this car to the club, several die-hard steam fans were really insulted and angry that I would commit such sacrilege!

I still have the load, and could put it into another gondola someday. I still have a mess of the failures, and might have enough to do two cars. ūüėą

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Garth Groff

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Did anyone notice the steam engine boiler in the second gondola?

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA


Did anyone notice the steam engine boiler in the second gondola?

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

Tim O'Connor

The number looks like 604697 which would make it 687-G (1939 rebuilds
from four donor lots)

Tim O'

 Is any one able to identify this NYC gondola or its Lot number?
 Robert Bogie

Benjamin Hom

Tough to pin this one down - the car number is barely legible, and a quick partial search at Terry Link's site of "601" as the first three numbers of the car series didn't turn up a match.  A search of "604" was more productive and turned up NYC 604000-604499, Lot 681-G, but these cars had Murphy ends, which the car in the photo does not.  The pattern of the side posts (10 posts, center two and third in from the ends extend below the car side) is the same.

It's possible that the end facing the camera was repaired after a wreck or replaced during the rebuilding, but this is speculation.  I'm hesitant to assign 100% confidence based on a clearance diagram with no supporting photograph, so I'm open to alternated IDs.

Ben Hom