FS: Four Freight Cars

Michael Gross

I am offering four steam-era freight cars:

Branchline Trains Blueprint Series 1001 50’ AAR Single Door Boxcar, Santa Fe Car #17288 BX-69 Class, Built 1955 Mineral Brown, “El Capitan”  $16.00 KIT

Intermountain 45808-01 10’6” High AAR Boxcar, C&NW #82658, “Overland Route/Route of the 400” $23.00 RTR

Intermountain/Longs Drug ATSF #34723 RR-27 Class “Grand Canyon” with curved map  $20.00  KIT

Intermountain 41304-10 ACF Type 27 Riveted 8000 Gallon Tank Car, Shippers Car Line SHPX #9774 $15.00  KIT

Prices do not include your choice of shipping from my zip code to yours.  I accept check, money order or PayPal friends and family.  If interested, please reply off-list to ActorMichaelGross AT gmail DOT com.

Many thanks!

Michael Gross

Pasadena, CA