Painting of freight car trucks for builders


When trucks were deliver to a builder (ACF, Pullman........), were they delivered assembled and painted?  If so, were they delivered in only one color paint?  What color?


Were trucks delivered to a builder as parts, to be assembled there?  Were the parts delivered painted?  Color?

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Edward Sutorik

Dennis Storzek

Trucks were bought as parts, because there were umpteen sources of parts other than the basic castings. The same foundry might supply both side frames and bolsters, OR the customer may have ordered bolsters from a third party, such as Simplex. Springs aren't castings, and came from a different vendor; same with brake components. Bearings, dust guards, and journal covers were other specialties. Wheels and axles came from a different supplier yet. 

It was up to the builder to source all these specialties and assemble them.

Dennis Storzek