West India Fruit Boxcar In Southern Calif.


Here is a  link to a photo from the Cornell University Library Digital Collections:




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When I first saw this photo I focused on the eight-hatch Canadian Pacific refrigerator car. From what I understand the presence of such cars in Southern California was not all that unusual.


What I missed and sharp-eyed John Peckham saw was the West India Fruit boxcar just ahead of the two tank cars.


Would these boxcars have been frequent visitors to the West Coast?


Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

Bill Welch

XM boxcars traveled everywhere. A model of this car is now available from Yarmouth with decals for either a BCR or Green paint scheme.

Bill Welch


We had extensive discussions in 2009 about these cars in the Frost Collection in the City of Vancouver Archives.

West India Fruit & Steamship #106 and #321


Bob Witt