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Schuyler Larrabee

Scalecoat, both I and II, are indeed available and the line’s been expanded considerably, with both flat and gloss finishes and also a lot of weathering colors along the lines of what the late lamented Floquil provided.

I have used both, I and II, preferring II for brass and I for plastic models.

I have also used Testors paint on plastic models. I buy several of those microscopic bottles and put them in a knock-off Floquil-type bottle, as I use a 47-year-old Binks Wren single action syphon brush. (hey, works for me . . .). I think that (all the paints in this note) about 50/50 with the appropriate thinner from the manufacturer. Harbor Freight compressor, spraying at ~30 pounds pressure.


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I picked up some Scalecoat II at Caboose Hobbies last summer.

Did a little Googling and it seem Scalecoat was sold to another company. I can't determine if Scalecoat I is available or not. I do have some left and will use that until I run out.

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