2018 NERPM approaches -- please make hotel reservations soon!

Dave Owens

Hello all:

We’re a little over a month away from the 2018 NERPM in Enfield, Conn.
and we hope you’re planning to join us.

We have posted a tentative clinic list on our website. Here’s the

If you haven’t registered for the meet, we urge you to do so. You can
save yourself $5 by preregistering. You can register online on our web
page,, or by mail. The registration form can be
downloaded from our site.

If you need lodging, you only have a few days to get a room at our
special rate of $104 a night, which includes breakfast, at the meet
hotel. (Your staying at the meet hotel helps us tremendously!) The
hotel releases our block of rooms a month before the meet. Our group
code is RPM. A link to the hotel site is on our site. If you have any
problems, please call the hotel front desk at 860-741-2211.

We have lots of great vendors coming to the meet. We’ll also have the
white elephant room again where you can sell surplus items. There are
limits so please consult our ground rules, which are on our web page.

We have lots of room in the model display room so please bring and
show your work. Remember, complete and in-progress models are welcome.
The models are really the heart of the meet.

Nearly four dozen clinics are scheduled, including two hands-on
clinics. We're very lucky to have so many presenters who are willing
to share their knowledge and skills. The clinic list will be revised
as we get closer to the meet.

On Sunday, we have about 10 layout open houses scheduled. Those that
will be open include Neil Schofield's CP Rail's Lyndonville & Newport
Subdivisions in Vermont, which was featured in the 2018 Model Railroad

Any questions, please contact me at


Dave Owens
Meet coordinator

Bill Welch

Very impressive lineup Dave.

Bill welch

Dave Owens

Thanks Bill.
We've very, very lucky to have so many wonderful people who are
willing to share their knowledge, skills and time.

On Thu, Apr 26, 2018 at 7:39 PM, Bill Welch <> wrote:
Very impressive lineup Dave.

Bill welch