Name that gondola end?


Came across a photo of a freight yard, and one one of the tracks is the end of a gondola I hadn't seen before. I'm sharing it here so that others may see it, and so that some may be able to identify it, with one continuous indentation filling the end, like lines on a vinyl record.


Jack Mullen

These spiral rib ends have been discussed here occasionally. I seem to recall that Dennis Storzek found they were from Haskell & Barker.

Jack Mullen

Brian Termunde

There's no such railroad of course (maybe in the distant 'future' >G>, but for some reason, that end just brings the words 'Penn Central' to mind . . . but of course, there isn't any such railroad, not in our time period anyway! ; )

Take Care,
Brian R. Termunde
Midvale, Utah