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Chalk me up as one who is interested in 1944 as well. Maybe we
should start our own "1944 Prototype Railroad Modelers" Group.
I'm into a "warm day in June, 1944 on the PRR". Interestingly, some
wonderful data exists to build appropriate car fleets. I just purchased
some back issues of the PRRT&HS mag the Keystone that are being reprinted
and volume 7 has tables of the top 30 freight car classes on the PRR in
1943 and 1945...guess I'll have to interpolate 1944 <G>. I'll try to post
whatever data I can come by to my PRR site: when I get chance.

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Dr. Bruce, a dog's best frined,writes:
I'm into a "warm day in June, 1944 on the PRR".

Well. I guess I'm into a blisteringly hot, humid day on the NC&StL in Alabama, or the same on the L&N and NC&StL in Western Tenn. I don't think I've ever experinced a "warm" day in June in either locale.
Please let us know when you get that data posted ot your site. That kind of research is one of the many areas I really enjoy about this past-time.