More changes

Denny Anspach

I was just informed this morning that Grandtline has been purchased by Leadville Shops in Denver, and production will be moved over this coming year. Whew!


Denny S. Anspach MD
Okoboji, IA

Jack Mullen

Robert Stears has posted that he and Doug Junda, the Leadville Shops folks,  are acquiring the Grandt business and also San Juan Car Co. 
The Grandt family wished to retain the Grandt name, so they intend to merge the model businesses under the San Juan name. 
I missed the Grandt "last call", so I'll have to wait til the new operation is up and running. By then I might have unpacked enough to know what I need. <G>

Jack Mullen

Bill Welch

This is good news for the hobby I  think.

I will be interested to what is in my package when it shows up. I requested all of their #81063/86045 (same part one HO other O) which is their smallest brass NBW. It was up to 20 packages early on. Also hoping they managed to find stray parts for their legendary "Oil Dealership." The person helping me was optimistic.

It would really be great if Leadville managed to acquire Detail Associates.

Bill Welch